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Sunday, July 4, 2010

I won !st place!!

I'm doing card challenges on Paper Planet in the group,Anything but Cute. Sentiments were this week topic.
I choice to do a patriotic theme for my GI stash. It's the embossed gold star one on the flickR slide show.It has a vellum saying over the Eagle & Statue of Liberty on the left side.
I was really surprised i won. Last week I was really disappointed I didn't win w/ either Allen's train b-day card or 1 of the set of the steam engines I did. Ijust decided to do some for my GI's & just post them.


Libby's Library said...

Hi Grandmabear49 - thanks for dropping by my place. I would be happy to offer a place for people to swap books. I donate most of mine to a charity in Florida, but also give them to my local library. They will gladly give you a receipt - so it's a win-win situation. The library gets more books, and you get a tax donation:-) Mailing books back and forth can get a little costly, but hey, if I've got something that you really want, and you've got something that I want - we can trade. Make a list of what you have and send it to me. I'll let my readers know.

I don't read all the books that I give away on my site. I'm offered dozens every week, and I just can't read them all. If you tell me what you do and do not like, I'll try to give you a heads up, when I'm giving away something that you might like. I'm trying to add more products for giveaway too.

Take Care


Libby's Library said...

Oh - I forgot to tell you, my pug's name is George! His official pedigree is George Henry fru fru name for my boy! LOL His sisters name (she's a Carolina Dog , also called Dixie Dingos), is Gracie.
I'm working on getting a Service Dog, and can't decide to go with a name that starts with a G, or to name him/her with the name "Blessing" - but in another language. Maybe the French word for blessing, since I want to get a standard poodle:-)

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Shauna said...

Hello You won on my Book Giveaway Site! I sent you an e-mail and still waiting to hear back from you. Please reply to the e-mail I sent you asap.

Thanks and congrats again! :)

our puppy vistor

our puppy vistor