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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Old Navy review

This was a frustrating experience. I had $50 g/card. I hoped to buy a red shirt waisted dress.The reviews said it was too short.I was taller than the women listed.
I looked @ women's T-shirts for DD b-day. the reviews on the ones that were on sale were bad,holes or shrinkage upon washing. I had to spend extra time reading reviews to get a good product for DD.
I was stuck trying to find s/thing in my size. I didn't want hoodie since it doesn't stay cold long enough here. I ended getting 3 men's polo shirts.If I bought 2 of them,I got the 3rd one for $10. so i got 3 shirts for the price of 2. I wear men's t-shirts in the thrift stores. They are longer than women's t-shirts.They seem to wear better.
I had a women's shirt w/ snaps on it. I happened to check the men's western shirts, Almost a $10 difference in price!!! I got that instead in a short sleeve.I don't care if it snaps on the other size.Why is men's clothing cheaper than women's @times?????
Pain in the BUTT online problems. DH had to open a new account for me,it wouldn't take my p/word. I write my p/words down in my n/book so I remember them.
i spent more time on their site trying to find what I wanted.
WILL NOT SHOP OLD NAVY ONLINE!!!!! I give them a :D" for online shopping
I wanted to try co.'s I hadn't shop @ before w/ my g/cards.We see what my order is like when it

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