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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Dick Bick great products!!!!

My new toys came in the mail Wed. I didn't get to color w/ them till Friday pm.
I ordered white & cream from Dick,Blick,Derwent & Luminance. I want to compare how they lay the color down. I colored the toast on a digi w/each one. I can't tell the difference between the Dick Bick one & the Luminance.They all laid down a nice layer of color smoothly.Iwas able to do a light touch w/them w/ no hand pain
I luv my Derwent Colorsoft pencils the colors go on so smoothly. They also let me lay down layers w/o a wax built up .I had problems w/ Prism. I will replace my Prisms w/ theseI also liked their 5 brown & neutral tones in the tin. .
Dick Blick c/p's are made in Czech Republic. They lay down a nice smooth layer of color, no wax built up.They are 1/2 price of Prisms. Also they are better quality of a pencil than the Prism's they blended great.
D.B just came out w/ a color blender pencil. I luv these. They blend w/ less hand pressure than the Prism ones. No bad hand pain from blending after wards. It blended so well on the card stock I didn't need to use my stubb. This is a good product for 1/2 the price of Prisma. Their S&H is $10.00 so make sure U put in a big order. I will replace my Prisma's as I use them up w/ Dick Blick ones & Derwent.
I will upload pic's of some of my coloring later so U can see the difference

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Jocelyn aka JoBear2 said...

I left a message on the SCS Prismacolor forum about the Derwents blending like Prismas, but wanted to come visit you and say "THANK YOU" again for the information! I'm doing a little happy dance!! :-)

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