File pictures

File pictures

Sunday, April 24, 2011

More s/book pages

It was like pulling teeth I finally got to work on more pgs Sat on my ABC . I bit the bullet & took some pain med. It seemed to help w/ my depression.
I got over the hurdle w/ what to do w/ my RMCP show pgs. I used a lot of my red PP.I'm glad I spent the time sorting paper out by sizes,time consuming, boring etc. It works when the creative juices are flying. I was able to walk to scraps of black & red paper to mount my pic's on. I even had some sheets of Corenation paper sanded down to mat some pic's on for a l/o
I got a good start on the last section "people". I got Kamloops,2nd time in Richmond,Victoria BC pic's mounted & some l/o's started. All i have to do is start l/o's of Butchart Gardens then I be done w/ B.C.
That leaves me w/ the rest of the pic's from Sitka & Anchorage AK.
I did make my own paper w/ stamps Thur. nite. i used my solid horse stamp for my RCMP pages. I made my own sheet w/ the horses on it w/ black on brown paper for a theme page. I have also used my Alaska stamps I bought 2 yrs ago used. I even found a snowman on the set. I had stamped 3 of them in a row & had embossed them in clear powder. I later realize that would make a good page w/ some snowflakes. I used 2 different shades of blue to w/ 2 sixes of the flakes to make a border.I stamped up some Eskimo stamps even thou I didn't meet any!!!
The dry heat & low humidity is drying out my ink pads even w/ rubber bands on!!!GRRR!!My glue sticks, Elmer's Craft glue one ended up hard as a rock!!There the good kind.

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