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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Patrick needs a transplant

When Allen went to Utah 2 wks ago, he stayed
@ the Hoopes home ,Heidi's in-laws. Bryan, Mark's younger brother has adopted an 1/2 Korean baby boy. He was born w/ what they call short gut syndrome. S/thing happened to to the colon as he was developing as a fetus. he was born w /very little of his colon. He is kept alive by a line running into his neck w/ IV solution. He needs a transplant . The IV feedings put him in the hospital on a regular basis w/inflections. Plus the IV feedings long term can cause liver damage.He's now 15 mo's old. He' trying to crawl on his stomach. He has a backpack on wheels that has the IV mixture in it etc. that moves w/ him as he crawls on the floor.
They need $70,000 in order for Patrick to have a colon transplant. I admire both Emily & Bryan for taking on such a critical need child. They took him home as a newborn knowing he would need 24 hr care ,7 days a week. They must be 1 of the most compassionate & patient parents I know. It must be hard knowing that if UR child doesn't get a transplant he can die.
Allen fell in love w/this little boy. He really pulled on his heart strings. Allen is usually analytical,stoic,not one expressing his feelings. He called me while in Utah telling me about Patrick, even telling me what he was doing on the floor etc.
Patrick's website have more info. on how they are trying to raise more info. on short gut syndrome.
If U have any used cell phones or used printer ink cartridges, U can sell them & donate the money to their fund. This little guy can use our help. Let's give him a chance @ life. @ 15 mo's old Patrick is proving to be a fighter. Maybe giving up UR Starbucks coffee for a week. or a meal out or not going to a show, U could donate that money U saved to their fund.
His pic's show a charming little boy w/ a big smile!

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Chicken aka Emily said...

The "Recycle for Life" program is hard to describe in just a few words. If anyone's interested, here's a link describing how to do it.

Basically, you can collect used printer ink or laser cartridges and cell phones and when you have enough to merit a shipment, send it in. Patrick's campaign earns pennies to dollars for each item turned in. $700+ so far this year.

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