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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Crappy week

The week of June 23rd was to be our anniversary. We were to go to Ruidoso N.M to get out of the heat for our 31st anniversary. Allen made an appt. to see the heart dr Tue because of slight chest pains. they did a stress test Wed.It was normal. The EKG had a problem,the long part of the heart beat was skewed. They said he wasn't getting enough )-2. He was to be scheduled for a cat scan w/ another dr. Thur am.No appt by the end of Wed.Allen was real restless that nite. I get up from 3:30 to 4;30 am to beat the heat to get on here. I usually cook supper @ 6 or 7am since the kitchen heats up by noon
He came into his recliner & said the chest pain was more persistent & he was short of breath. I told him he needed to go to ER & he wasn't going to work. I told him he needed to call the dr's office to find out which hospital he should go to.It wasn't 9am yet,so I told him to rest until they would call him back. Phil,our n/bor took him to Sierra hospital. I didn't go,I was too tired. The heat had taken a beating on me.I slept out cold from 9am to 1 pm. He had to wait on the lab work to see if he had a heart attack. Then he waited for the heart dr. to come. He decided to do an angioplasty & skipped the cat scan. He wanted to see if there was a blockage going into the heart. both of his parents have had this done.Then he was waiting for a room @ the hospital. Then he found out no appts to get in,so they had him come home.He got an appt.@ Los Palmos @5:30 am for it.
Allen told me got a ride w/ someone from church. I was told I wasn't going.NO WAY HOSEA,WAS THAT GOING TO HAPPEN!! He has always been there for me when I have been in ER w heart problems. Maria my n/bor a good friend came over to visit me. I asked her if she could give me a ride to be w/ Allen when he woke up.
Phil & Marie were@ our doorstep@ 4:30 am to take us. They took Taco to go play w/his siblings for the took e/thing I had to get out of the door that early. I didn't hear a/thing till 11a.m.I had planned ahead & packed me some food the nite before to eat. I can't push myself down to a place to eat. I made sure I had plenty of water to drink also. I was so tired I could only make 1 phone call to 1 kid,Heidi was the only one home. Later I found out she gave Mom G the wrong message. She was arguing me on the phone when I was so tired!!I told her her dad was fine. Allen's cell phone keys are so tiny I has a hard time navigating on it. I'm beginning to lose feeling on the tips of my fingers & more small motor coordination loss .
Phil& Marie came to pick us up after 12pm to take us home. I was so exhausted. Before they left they asked if they could get us s/thing to eat. They went to Carl's Jr &got us lunch. I had A chicken Teraki burger& bought 2 m/shakes. Allen was on a limited diet & this/thing cold to drink. I ate the s/wich & slept out cold till 8pm that nite.
They decided it wasn't his heart. Their were no blockages & the heart looks fine. Reflux can cause chest pains even on med's. He supposed to see the GI dr. next . He won't get a pillow wedge like I sleep on elevate to stop the reflux from coming up. also he get's congested @ nite & can't wear his mask w/his sleep machine
Allen had restrictions placed on him,no lifting or driving etc.Allen is my lifeline. Sat. is our errand day & he does our laundry. Our Home teacher came Thur. nite to give us both blessings. We needed some help since I was down w/ the heat & couldn't pick up the slack. Sis.Finster ,our R.S. pres. came to wash up a sink load of dishes Fri. Pm She came Sat am to pick up our dirty laundry.It came back all neatly folded etc. sis. Austin & her dau. picked up our groceries,carried them all in & helped put them away.
Heidi,in N.C had offered to come out to help us on Thur. The plane fares were $800.way too much money!!
My colon got really backed up again!! I had taken 4 laxatives tab's that previous Friday, Tue. & wasn't still emptying my upper colon out. I had put on 3# in a week,due to retaining fluids. I wasn't feeling very good myself. I had to go to my DC to put my jammed back in. It took a full day of hot packs in the hot weather to get rid of the back muscle spasms.I t would later take 4 laxative tabs & 4 magic Bullet suppositories to empty out my colon the next Sunday.
We had to reschedule our trip to the July 2nd to go to Ruidiso,N.M.

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