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Sunday, January 4, 2009

"Believe" C-mas motto

I really got C-mas this year. This has been the roughest year health wise for me. I put up a M.E. pic. I collaged on the frig for me to see. T-giving I was down flat so I wondered what would happen to C-mas. I cut back on making c-mas cards so I would have time to s/book allen's pic.
I picked up a virus in the heart doc's office that set me back. We had 2 major storms come in w/ wind blasts 60 mph gusts. We were lucky, south of us power was out for 6 hrs. People lost their roofs etc in our area. 3 times I have proved it on my b.p. machine,my b/p goes SKY high. After the front comes thru,it drops down. The nurse had me go to bed and rest this last time. These storms really flare up my FM. So Allens book didn't get as many pages as I wanted to do
I did get 6 more done for him for N.Y's Day. 2 more I glued in the photo's since I didn't know any info about the pic's. He's a programmer,he's not very verbal. He did finally admit they were interesting. What took time was I had to go to Tim Holtz's site and learn how to distress. I also had to experiment w/the walnut ink,learn to use Vintage paers to make it look masucline.
Allen really SURPRISED me for C-mas. He went and got me a tin of 24 w/color pencils from Prism. They are suppose to match my c/pencils. Today I used them for the 1st time to color On Jan's C-mas card I turned into a tri-fold. They are so soft and easy to color. I also used my c/pencils. You can't tell the area where the 2 are, looked really great. I also got a box of s/free cho.cherries(which I later found out he was eating up. Hmm for a person who saids he doesn't like candy he sure chowed down on the choc. this year? Plus he said s/thing was to come in the mail .
Allen doesn't usually do things like this. I having been doing C-mas for 30 years so e/body got presents in our extended family Plus I made it out for Furr C-mas dinner. So we had a good day.
Forest and Jenny sent their present early(my mother's day,b-day gift also.)We got a Tupperware box to keep our ciltano fresh. I hate it when it goes slimy and Allen makes me pick out the good . She added some snowman clear stamps,s/man brads etc for me to use. I did use the s/man stamps the other night for my Jan. snowman cards for my mail route.(I don't know if any one does what I did. I'm new to clear stamps. I'm having to learn how to use them. I went to put the 3rd stamp away and realized 1 was missing. I looked e/where for it. I actually found it today. In the trash can! I had already had pulled the top trash off and gotten a plastic bag to put in. Guess what it was wrapped up in a baby wipe I had cleaned it with. When I get tired I don't keep track of stuff well.)
Jan and Heidi went in on the new collection of Little Rascals by Hal Roach for Allen. It goes back to 1929. We have been watching them some nights. I haven't seen these before. Jan gave 2 DVD of Without a Trace w/the pilot one to me. We have watched 1 of them. This gives us s/thing to watch on Sat. nite when TV is yucky. We watched 3 Shriek for C-mas Eve. I love the donkey. Maybe I like slap stick humor.
I used Allen's mother's money to buy a new Flannel snapcoat(can't find flannel n/gowns or skirts in El Paso), a Celtic Womens CD, some clear stamps and some Chalk Eye que to try out. I actually didn't spend all my money on s/booking supplies. I actually had other items on my w/list this year. Going into Hobby Lobby etc is like going into a candy store seein all the fun goodies. I love playing w/my toys.

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