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File pictures

Sunday, January 4, 2009

3 cards done, project goals

I got 3 of my cards written today. I worked on coloring in my snowman I stamped the other night. I cut out s/flakes to use as templates for shrink plastic. I colored c/stock Allen copied of Jan's card. I used paper tape as a hinge to make a tri fold. It's now on the bookcase in the L.Rm.
I did read a conf. talk today before working on my table
Projects to do
1 Put together a card packet after making more s/man cards
2Katya's present
look for the rocks
find out her favorite color
alter the cigar box
3 stuff on the floor,put away
4 clean off the table w/projects,have room to get my s/book up on the table to come up w/plans


Bear Naked said...

Love Love Love that photo to the right in your sidebar of the Victorian Teddy bear with her umbrella.
You really are getting right into this blogging fun, aren't you.
(And doing a good job of it also.)
Hope you're feeling better today.

Bear((( )))

glograbear said...

Thanks for your visit!!I used to keep a journal. I don't know if anybody be interested in what I have to save.
You have been a big help in answering ?'s Allen said I'm getting dangerous. He helped me show me how to the d/loads.I wanted to make it more interesting. The bear blogs I read gave me ides. The change cost me 1/2 night of sleep and the next day.

our puppy vistor

our puppy vistor