File pictures

File pictures

Sunday, June 6, 2010

106F Sat!!! 107F Sun. Yikes!!

Too hot too soon. I put up Styrofoam insulation panels in our big lv. rm window. It worked till Sat. I had been able to stay in my recliner Fri. w/ the fan & the portable a/c blowing on me
@ 6pm I headed to the bdrm in my w/c to sit in front of my a/c unit. Allen had sharpen up my new Verthin Prism c/pencils. I got them @ Michaels w/ a 40% coupon. I only paid $2 more for a set of 24 pencils than a set of 12 @ $10. I've wanted these really bad for awhile. They are really good for a crisp o/line. It was the only way I could color the cattails. the lines were to thin to color them in otherwise
My next wish item is some Stampin Up watercolor crayons. They are TOO EXPENSIVE for my budget right now. I tried oil pastels last summer for b/grounds.Too messy for the effect I got.
@ least I got the twins b-day s/bk done & in the file cabinet. Jan sent me the page protectors. Heidi will be able to see the uploaded pages of them on I have the descriptions typed in there for her to look @. I can't put them on flickR or Facebook since she is there.Jan is in Michigan right now. Heidi will have to wait till Jan comes back to N>C. either to color copy them or to scan the photo's in .They are pic's of our 1st 2 v/tions we took when we lived in Conn. in the 80's
It looks like "THE HEAT MONSTER" IS HERE TO STAY. I just hope I can keep THE ASTHMA MOSTER" @ bay for awhile. I've been real busy trying to get projects done to beat the heat. all I can do is just hunker down for the next while & ride it out & hope I come thru next Oct. when it's cooler

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Sarah said...

Oh my it's been ages since I popped by for a visit. I love all the gorgeous pics of your Grandchildren, they are truly delightful, and your new pup Taco - what a little character!! You can send some of the heat my way - we are heading into winter and I'm not liking it one bit! I'd be glad to have summer again.

our puppy vistor

our puppy vistor