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Monday, April 6, 2009

George and the fence

George became obesessed with the rabbit. He would go crazy seeing it on the other side of the fence. One day I put him o/side to the brm. in the front yard. A little while later in the back of the house I see him in the back yard barking. It was"how did you get in the back yard?." There is a tall gate between the the 2 yards. He would do this a few more times & we couldn't figure out how he was doing this.
One day Allen noticed George was chasing the bunny in Robert's yard when he was outside.He yelled @ him. We figured out he had found a low place in the front yard where the wire fence &
the stone wall fence had a low spot.He jumped over that when he was in the front yard. He found a gap in between wire fence & would get under that & come back into the back yard. Now this is a ways up on the fence. How he jumped up & squeezed in that gap we don't know. He can jump as high as a Jack Russel. ( We had one,she was stolen the 1st Tue. we moved to El Paso)
We don't how many times he managed to get to Robert's yard to chase the rabbit. I t must have s/thing to do w/him being abandoned in the desert ,had to fight for survival. He was found almost dead. Did he have to chase s/thing to eat? He goes crazy when food is around,he's afraid he won't get to eat again. We have had him 3 yrs,he still like this.
When we would put him out later to the brm. if the rabbit was out, he would look at us, we say to him "no George U can't jump the fence". He would look @ the rabbit & then look @ us. The 1st few times we would have to call him back over in to the yard,then he realized "oh! I'm not supposed to be in the yard. "
This dog cracks me up,he deftly has his own mind. That's why I call him "Curious George",he gets into as much mischief as the monkey did.Then he give U those pathetic eyes,he melts UR heart,how can U stay mad @ him

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Nilla said...

Funny story, I have had the same experience with our, now gone, Fox terrier Funny, she loved to escape and chase who ever she could chase. I was always mad at her, but hey, those eyes, I always forgave! hugs from Nilla

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our puppy vistor