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Monday, December 29, 2008

Am i going to be tired tommorrow!!

Forgot to take my Rozerm to sleep. I typed up some more flickr captions on Go see the adventures of my C-mas bears. I posted pic's of my kids Christmas presents. 1st time I have made so many projects for each one. Laura,my youngest I have been making her biggest presents on her b-days. Being on limited budget I'm tying to s/book presents w/ pic's of the kids and to make them something.
I also made 2 new Year Cards that go in the mail this week.I want to make my snowman cards for my mail route I do each month for my church. Jennie has given me new s/man clear stamps plus note cars,brads etc.
I cleaned up my room and filed C-mas stuff away yesterday. Allen's distress papers are still sitting on the floor. so much for getting him more pages for New Years. This project is dragging its feet. I just can't get motivate to do it. Cards are more fun to make,they're so spontaneous.
Ate the last piece of blueberry pie. Haven't made 1 of these in years. It was beary good!! Next need to make some pumpkin custard to eat.
Need to get a quilt batting in Jan. to quilt my lap quilt by machine. I already made the top w/fabric squaes in Oct.
I don't type well or for very long. I thought I try blogging so I could write what I'm thinking. I don't get out much. I made some good friends on Flickr last year. It has helped me from going crazy. I realy love reading the bear blogs. I never could afford some of the bears,but looking is free.I also got some s/book sites to look for ideas. Now I have to set priories on how much time I want to spend reading blogs vs working in my room etc. too much eye candy out there
New Year's will be quiet. Not the same w/o the kids. It was big deal for them to stay up late when younger. We used to have chips ,dip and soda. This was a treat for them since I didn't buy junk food on a regular basis. Then when we moved to Texas,we started having Forest's Laura's friends over. We don't allow drinking,smoking,premartial sex or drugs in our home. This way we knew our kids friends and we knew they were safe. I sometimes in bed before midnight. Allen and I will probably watch a movie. Jan gave us Without a Trace tome. Allen got the full collection of Hal Roach ,Little Rascals. Got to go crash into bed with a hotpack.

our puppy vistor

our puppy vistor