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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Believe it or not,here I'm come

My kids would gasp that their mother is enterting into cyperspace writing a blog. Beware I don't know what I'm doing. I'm the last of the hold-outs. Why do you think I'm the Texan Maverick.
I can't believe it I actually got our c-mas cards down. George(pic on on Flickr,you can see him) We started it on Oct. Our camera is broke,so Jan brought her camera out with her. Then the computor died for over 2 weeks. Then Allen decided he didn't like how the crop job went. So we bought a d/able camera.I had to be the one in the picture not Allen I don't take good pic's anymore. The 3rd time I had to wash my hair.curl it.( I had been sick, energy is a problem for me in the winter),put make-on and change my clothes. I sat in my recliner so both dogs could get into my lap. I slap my thigh and George flies into the cage. He stayed thereALL NIGHT!!!! man was I ticked off, here I'm with all this makeup on,and no picture.
The orginal idea a year ago was doing cards w/the caption Santa Paws Both dogs are from Animal Rescue League here in El Paso and are my lap buddies.
I don't really like my pose,but George is so hard to get a good pic. of Anyway I'm surprised Allen helped me wrap it up last night. I had him tape in the pic's w/ Scotch tape. He's a stictker for detail. Besides he get them tape into the frames the right direction. Plus he he even licked the envelopes.I did address them all. I was having to get the glue @the last minute out since I forgot to glue the inside greetings that I had made. S/how my brain forgot I was supposed to use these special M/C-mas greetings that I had stamped and embossed. I even talked Allen into a trip out to get special embossing powder and a special pad for detailed stamps. I had made up a pile of them because of the delay in the Santa Paws cards they were being used up
Now if I can make it out to eat@ Furrs with Allen this year,I'll be happy. Last year I was plowed into my recliner w/unknown heart problems. A heart doc let my b.p. go up every night to160/100 for 3 weeks. Dr.Q, my lung doc saved my life. I'm now on O-2 24 hrs. because of this He also found I have sleep apnea .My O-2 levels @ night drooped down to 84 which is low. I feel alot of gratitude to the Lord for this extra year. He watched over when all the doc's messed up.
I didn't like the 3 trips to E.R.,the chest pain that feels like somebody is squeezing and stamping on your heart .I don't like Morphine it blew me away,I lost all concept of time. I don't even know how I got upstairs on the heart floor from E.R.
On my frig I have posted a saying, BELIEVE,translated to me believe in the miracle of C-mas. Oh,Santa is coming out of the chimmney. I do believe in Santa and Jesus Christ B-day.
I didn't want to take the magic of Christmas away from my kids. I also want them to know the true meaning of Christmas which is the birth of the Savior. My kids are now adults, evidently I did my job juggling okay. They mentioned C-mas time as a time of family memmories not any presents they got etc.
Supper is calling. Glograbear


Bear Naked said...

Welcome to the blogosphere and thank you for visiting, commenting and *following* my blog.
Come back for a visit to my blog anytime.

Bear((( )))

glograbear said...

Can you help me? bumblebeary is a having hard time finding my blog. What is my URL,is it my title w/e-blog? I'm new @this. She mentioned getting rid of the numbers you have to type in. I can't find on the layout page how do get rid of it. How did you get to my site if she can't. Thanks beary much!!glograbear

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