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Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Brand New Year

Yea! I have made it. Alot better than last year. Iwent to bed@11pm. I wanted to get out and see the Rose Parade,which I haven't seen in years. Believe it or not I actually got up@9am,s/thing my body doesn't always let me do. I also made pumpkin waffles for a late breakfast. I mixed it up on commerical break. Allen cooked them in th waffle iron for me.
I gave him 6 more pages of his photo's I s/booked him the other night. He ate my version of fish and chips in the oven. That way I had time and energy to work on his book. I finally figured out why the project is so hard. These aren't my photo's and I don't know the stories behind the pic's. I have been doing them vintage style, trying to use masculine paper and Ranger Distressing inks. I have come to conclussion light is better than w/the darker inks. I also prefer walnut ink spray on tags rather than paper. Allen got me an OldPaper ink pad. I like this better. I used Vintage Photo on the cracks of the paper. I really love wadding up the paper,I like the wrinkled effect. I leary off putting any of this stuff on actual photo's. I was able to salvage some of my earlier sheets of paper by putting the Old Paper on the top to soften up the color .I had to ask Allen what was going in the photo I didn't have a clue what theme to use on the paper. Right now
I going to do the photo's of him with his family later.I want to get some feedback,look for ideas and start some new projects.
I need to start my snowman cards. I got to make s-flakes w/the shrinkable plastic Jenny gave me a bunch of stuff for my cards. I want to play w/some clear stamps. Ihaven't had time to do so.I also need to work on my Frisky story for Katya's b-day in Feb. I got more supplies to make her an altered box to put gem samples in for a gift. Ialso need to get to work on pockets for my journal enteries for my s/book project that keeps being put on hold.
I also setting some priorties on how much time I want to spend on the computor reading blogs etc. I eliminated some the other night. I picked the ones most revelant to me. I accidently deleted my favorite, Bare Naked, I pushed the button 1 times too many. I had to resubcribe to her post. I get on the computor and loose track of time. I only have so much energy. I trying to focus in on not getting so tired soI'm not wiped out the next day. To have energy to spend time w/Allen when he comes home from work that night. Living w/chronic health problems is like juggling balls. You never know when one is going to come down and hit you.
Swat,my Thai friend surprised us the other night. She brought all this food for New Year's. She had fresh egg rolls,meatball kebabs and her fried rice. We ate 2 meals which I didnt have to cook. We usually always have black-eye peas,a Texas tradtion for good luck for the new year. Used to be I cooked that w/ham,cornbread and pecan pie every NY Day. The kids aren't around anymore so I don't cook the full meal
Swat is a dear friend.I tutored her in English. No one in her family would help her. She was so determined to go back to school@6o yr old. I admired her spunk. It gave a chance to use my tutoring skills to help her w/her grammar and understand English better. I wouldn't charge her for it since it's talent I have.Besides I got a chance to understand the Thai culture better. Every since then she has brought food in for us if I have been sick etc. She told me no one else helped her w/her English better than I did. That was a compliment in itself
Got to go and mix up the dressing. Allen is cooking the turkey today. That way we have turkey for meals in the freezer


Bumpkin Bears said...

Hi and HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your family. I like your new colours here, very bear like :) Like your new name too. Wishing you a better year, with time shared with your family and enjoying your crafts.
Beary Hugs, Catherine and the Bumpkin Bears x

Bear Naked said...

Happy New Year to you also.
Your blog looks very nice with your new colours.
Hopefully 2009 will be a *beary* good year for you.

Bear((( )))

Chrissy D said...

It sounds like you were pretty busy! Thank you for stopping by my blog! I hope you have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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our puppy vistor