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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Major Dust storm

It took me 3 days to clean up my house from the really bad dust storm that packed about 5o mph winds blowing sand & dust every where. Yes, springtime is here in W. Texas w/ our yearly "eat dust"I didn't clean the floors earlier because the storm just leave more dust.
I didn't get to til Wed. I cleaned all the blinds which were just coated w/ layers of dust.The windows are just like sieves in this 50"s house. I used my Swifter stick to wipe them down to make it easier on my shoulders & arms. Thur. was a cloudy day which flares up my FM. Until I cleaned up my bdrm. I couldn't turn on the fan in there.It's already getting hot in here.Too hot in bdrm I can't wear my sleep apnea mask. Sand storms kicking up my asthma. I cleaned up the bdrm & my craft rm w/ the Swifters. I had to stop & rest since I had a 4PM Dr's appt.
I had to get dressed @ 3pm,since Allen is to be here@ 3:45Pm. It's all I can do to drag myself out the door. I get there. I'm waiting a few min's @ the desk.Then I told my appt is @ 2pm not 4PM. I tell them my appt card said 4PM. Allen backs me up
They try to find out what happened etc. Too make it worse the Dr. had just left. I'm so wiped out I come home & crash in my recliner exhausted. A wild goose chase!!I'm having more problems w/ my heart w/ a lower pumping capacity,the sand storms are bothering my asthma,+ I've some diminished lung capacity + add it's warmer than normal. 80F is making my fatigue upon exertion more pronounced. I have to reschedule another trip out.
So after sleeping over 12 hours Thur. nite into Fri. @ noon I manage to get up.
Taco was neutered this week. so 1st business is to get all my bracing & shoes on so I can take him outside on a leash to see if he go to the brm.For 10 days he has to wear his hood, not run etc. (he's an active Chihuahua)So I don't get his leash tangled up w/ my 0-2 line on my portable tank,I have been taking him out w/ out my 0-2 on.
So after taking my Allegra,allergy shot, Nasonex & face mask on, I'm ready to tackle the pile of dust in our Liv. rm.1st I take a clean yellow dust dust cloth to our TV
shelves. I've to take off the DVD's off. It just covered w/ a layer of heavy dust since it's right in front of the front door & a big window.The dust collects on the 1 whole side of a new cloth. Then I clean up our computer 2 tables which U can write UR fingers in the dust. These areas take 20+ min's to wipe down & move items around to clean up.
Next step is using the Swifters on a long stick to clean up the floor. Since I'm in a w/c this is the best way for me to clean the dust off the floor of dust & dog hair. I pull 2 plastic boxes of old video's out from the Futon. There is a big pile of sand,not just dust. I go thru 2 Swifters in cleaning up under the futon & dusting of the tops of these boxes.Cleaning off our air cleaner surfaces& in front of the door uses up another one. It takes 6+ Swifters to finally get of the dust etc off the floors,under the computers desks, behind my recliner & by the b/cases. I use the 7th one to finish up sweeping the kitchen floor again.
Allen will sweep up my pile of sand etc.when he gets home. Now we can turn on the fan in the liv. rm to cool us down.
This wipes me out for the rest of the a/noon. Allen helps me fix tacos' when he get's home from work.
Another wind storm is due in M& T. Temps dropped down last nite. This yo-yo weather is playing havoc on my FM. I'm having muscle spasms, joint pain etc as the weather changes. My body is not handling well these swings.

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