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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Katya's scrapbook gift

her book also has early pic's she made for me that i saved from her recieved in the mail
I only 6 weeks behind on finishing up her gift. I took my water mural down from my living room wall.K is is the main star on it. She loved the water as a toddler.The pic's were too cute to keep in a book. I came up w/ the idea to put them on the wall in s/book form 6 years ago. Now that is a hot item to do. Now they will go to her.
I had to clear off my table of card projects to make room for my sewing machine.
i see why i don't sew anymore. It's more demanding brain wise to concentrate. U have to be very precise sewing vs c/making.
I got the fabric of blue Toile like fabric of kids playing from Glenda,my NH pen pal for a swap. It took me longer than planned. should have made a paper bag pattern 1st but didn't
Also patched up my dress that super glue broke the fabric o. Don't spill a bottle of Super Glue on UR clothes. I tried getting it off w/alcohol. Washing it turned it hard. The fabric later became brittle & broke up. Now it's getting hot & I'm short on clothes so I had to fix it.
My Swap-bot buddy June Moon gave me the fabric to patch it. She sent me enough to make new Chef's apron that rotted out.

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