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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Gluten Free Girl recipes

Wed. was the day I finally got to bake the recipes I had found on the Gluten free girl site. I had measured out all the flours Mon. I got to wiped Tue. from Monday,it got delayed
I decided to try 2 of her recipes I found on her site.She is very precise on her measurements. she saids the flours have different weights. She actually used a scale. I won't be getting into it like she is. My major baking days are over. It's also to hot to bake 4 mo's of the year here.
I tried the sandwich bread.It has alot of different flours in it. These flours aren't cheap. I decided I want to try the taste of GF baked foods vs a mix. Some of the mixes are nasty in taste.I saw her pic.on the blog & comments. I followed the recipe to the "t" on directions. I didn't want to waste these expensive ing.'s.
I let the bread raise for over an hour. I had preheated the oven for it to be a little warm for it to raise quicker in it. GF breads are cake like batter in texture. U will not get the stretchy pull of the dough like w/wheat dough. That is what gluten does it becomes stretchy. DO NOT use cider vinegar in UR recipe even it calls for it. GF Girl said it kill the yeast.
We ground up our own white rice four since Allen didn't find it @ Sun Harvest. I remembered I had millet in our c/board. Allen cleaned up our old grinder we used to grind whole wheat into flour.
I put an egg wash on the top of the bread. I put in the ice cubes in the pan @ the bottom rack.I let it set up 10 min's in the pan after it came out of the oven. I put it on my towel to cool off,upside down. My curiosity got to me,got a knife out to try a piece hot out of the oven. I grabbed the butter & took a bite. WOW WAS I SURPRISED! I didn't expect the crunch & texture I got from it. It's been the closest thing to real bread I have had in over an year. I forgot to say she uses stiff egg whites in the recipe plus 2 whole eggs.I couldn't believe this wasn't real bread. It even has air holes in it likewheat bread. The taste was great.The bread does take alot a time to make it but it sure is worth it for it's taste & texture. I have to make 1 more loaf to put in the freezer before it get's too hot.

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