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File pictures

Friday, February 5, 2010

The Monkey is off my back!!

FINALLY I finished s/bk Forest's of all the 15 b-days. I didn't get the last 4 b-days done to give to him when he came @ T-giving time. After 5 mo's of having Forest's birthday pic's in a red envelope sitting on my table & a stash of paper etc sitting on the dehumidifer,the stash is gone!!!
Scrapbooking is like a puzzle to me. It seems like I have to get all the pieces together 1st. It seems like it all has to gel together before I can plunge into the project. If I'm stressed out or have other deadlines to meet I can't scrap book. I can come up w/ideas easily enough for my cards. It's been 2 mo's sinceI last s/bk this project. I even had the paper picked out to make mats w/it to go w/ the photo's etc. I had the color theme picked out for each year w/paper clips & notes for what year etc.
I finally made myself sit down w/my lightbox on,start making mats for the photo's. This winter has really made my hands hurt. Somedays I can't do things that take coordination etc. It rained all day Wed.,it was gray,cloudy etc.I lose those days w/pain & fatigue.I put in 2 big sessions this week so I could put the pieces under the book press after using Yes Glue to dry overnite.
Last nite after sleeping for awhile in my recliner, I went into my room. I wanted to make sure pages weren't stuck together. after looking @ them I decides I wanted to put Stickles on some of the places. The pages have to dry s/where so the Stickles doesn't get smeared before it dries. I usually do this so it can dry overnite w/o smearing the wet Stickles.I then wanted to take pic's of them to upload on Flickr. 1 page still have some needed embellishments to balance out the page.
I have any l/over stickers back in my sticker n/book. Scraps are in my file folder. Whole sheets of paper are back in their spot.
My effort on cleaning up my room & swapping items in my stash has paid off. I forgot about the b/ful colorful fibers I got last fall in 2 swaps.I can find things now when I get in the creative mode wherre e/thing starts flying.Now I don't have to go digging thru items thinking I kanow I have this s/where. that really stresses me & I lose my creative edge when I can't locate the needed item.

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