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File pictures

Sunday, December 12, 2010

No more C-mas cards!!!

I'm getting sick of making C-mas cards. I'm still plugging away on my custom made family cards. My idea was to make e/one a custom card since I don't have time to make a present. I hope I don't regret this & it just get thrown in a corner. I have spent alto of time on these.
I have used red line tape w/ glitter
2,my first easel card which has taken me 2 years to do. I have a spatial relationship problem. I had to print out the directions for the measurements. after I made it I understood the concept better. I made an improvised one for Emma since i glue the pic on the wrong side of the card.
3,gateway fold for Katya's card
4 pamphlet fold
5.distressing & tearing uneven edges
6 brayer w/ Big & Juicy pad for a sky
7.watercolor wash w/ color pencil for l/house stamp
8 learned how to mask image w/ the masking tape
I can't post the pic's here since they haven't been mailed yet. My cards can be found on Papercrafterplanet
for those not in my family.
Toby's book taking more time than expected. I didn't want to pay $5? etc for a c/board book plus s&h. they are hard to find in El Paso. DH cut out 8 4x4 pieces for me to use from a cereal box. I had to cover both sides of the pieces.They have been under the book press x3 to dry. I still have to write on the titles, color in the letters on the cover,Mod Podge it so the paper looks neater, & then tape it together. A lot of drying time on this projects. It has images of trucks & trains on it.
I still have 3 more family members cards to work on this week.

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