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Sunday, January 3, 2010


PUPPY,PUPPY,PUPPY,PUPPY,new puppy is here!!!!! Marie gave us Taco Friday to keep. Sat. All I did was play w/ my dogs!!! @ 1 time I had all 3 in my recliner asleep w/ me. George has his parking space on the left side of the recliner along side of me. He doesn't like the cold so he'll hide under my lap quilt to get warm. Fluffy usually ends up @ the bottom of my feet. Taco was curled up in a ball. He liked being up close to my heart.He even slept in my lap while trying to work on his quilted dog coat. He curled up in my lap & rested his head on my left arm while checking my mail online.
He got a couple of nicknames,Radar, his ears stick up like radar. Plus he cried alot the 1st night we had him. So I called him Squeaky last nite.
He's a face licker. He really loves to lick Allen's face,quite insistent
Bought moist dog food chunks for him to get him started Wore my red cape @ 3 am to put all the dogs out to the bathroom.He's small enough he could go thru the post @ the gate.He's sleeping in the dog kennel I cleaned out the other nite w/ a rag w/ the scent from his mom on it.
Trying to tailor the 2 quilted coats I made for them. Rudy is the tineset one of the litter. Have to leep trimming it back to fit him. The machine keeps coming unthreaded, & my hands hurt too bad to keep rethreading it.GRRRR!!I want to finish up these dog coats & I'm getting FRUSTRATED when mechanical things don't work!!!

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bess said...

How cute! Congratulations on your new puppy! I did fall off the side of the earth by the way, but bounced back up and have hit the ground running. Haven't forgot about you! And yes lets swap for Feb for sure, that will be fun.

our puppy vistor

our puppy vistor