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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

GRRRR!! Frustrated

I hate it when I have projects all in different stages spread out in my room. I feel like I'm not getting anything done. My left hand brace cracked around the joints & had to go in for repairs. It's a 2 day job since they have to recast the hand piece.No streasous work w/o it's support. My leg brace is sliiping more than before I took it in.GRRRR!!!!It's got to go back for more velcro. I can't walk w/o ,it makes the hip socket hurt too bad. My knee goes backwards ,the pain radiates into the hip socket. If I put the hip out,the pain in the socket will keep me awake @ nite.
I had to wait for Allen to type up a personal message for my cards this month. He forgot to pickup my handouts Sunday. He finally printed them both out last nite. They are going out in todays mail. I had my winter Jan. cards made @ 1st of the month,been sitting on my table.@ least my visiting teaching is done for the month.
I need to get in there & start making my Feb. V-tine cards for Iraq to out. I want to use my Scop-pal to try a gate fold when my brace comes back.
I need to finish up Forest's last 4 b-days. I haven't s/bk since late Nov. I still have a stash of supplies sitting on the dehumidifer that I need to put away after I finish the pages.
I have the twins C-mas project still to do. Last nite when I was putting stuff away on my table I found my stash of items to go w/photo's. I got to get the vacation pic's out to choose the pic's to go w/ paper. Then I found an envie of Allen's c/hood pic's I need to finish s/bk for him. That doesn't include my s/bk project of my LDS mission to Alaska I need to put titles on. I have 25 more pgs to do that to sitting in a corner.
It's quite cloudy out so tha explains why my joints are hurting so much. Winter hit us early this year,more pain in my hands & shoulders than previous years.

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