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Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's windy here!!

HOLD ON TO UR HATS!!1 It's getting windy again. 2 more storms are to come in. It got dn to 30's with a chill factor. Last wk we broke a record@ 78F. That's El Paso for U.
Gut is feeling better. This is enough motivation to stay on the GF diet. Had to eat up my cache for the blood wrk last w/end. The Shredded Wheat w/bran tore up my gut.I had to eat another batch of egg custard. I didn't really enjoy my treats. We did go eat a Gyro before I went back on my diet.
Played w/my clear stamps today. I got out Laura's new spring stamps.The markers wrk really nice. I try clear embossing pwd. on the bright colors. They really glow.I wished I had tried clr pwr. before,I can get so some many colors that emboss. I tried denim d/pad w/ the clr.pwd,it really stands out. I also tried putting different color marker on the clear stamp after the 1st stamp was made. An interesting variation on color happened. I'm trying to get a feel for the clear stamps. I used a CD case for a big stamp,a tip from .Also Itried a bottle cap for a small flower stamp.
Want to do some fall stamps w/my clear stamps for my s/bk pgs. I'm on my 3rd section on the layouts for my mission s/bk. I did 5 more LO's


Helen said...

Hi Glo,
I'm Helen I met you at Polly's Saturday.
I went to friend you on face book, but only remembered the Bird part. I'm not as good at names, I should have written it down. Anyway,
found you here through the scrap forum. Very nice blog.
I'm Helen Hart McKinney, on Face book, Hope we hook up. I'll book mark your blog, I love the way you write, like you are chatting.
Take Care,

glograbear said...

Click me as a follower on the right side. Leave me some comments.Thanks for UR f/back.

our puppy vistor

our puppy vistor