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Thursday, January 15, 2009


Lost another 10 lbs w/o reason. @2nd time,1st 10 lbs in Oct. Cervix ultraaound@Pap okay. Trying to keep busy so I don't think what they may find. Pancreas checked okay,colon okay(what a nightmare) I've a feeling another storm is brewing. My clothes are falling off. I weighed 180 lbs came to El Paso ,retaining water. No longer on diuetric, 160 lbs this summer. I should lost weight then,It was too hot to eat,meat made me sick. Pancreatic enzymes helped my digestion,rid of the horrible gas.
Finally got out the winter quilt. Stripped the bed. Did 3 loads,Allen @ work. Too much for him to do on Sat. Clean bed come home Monday.
I think my e-friends save my sanity. I don't have any women to talk to around me. Allen was impatient w/ me this a/noon. He forgot to fill up my portable O-2 tank and had to come home after a Dr's appt.. I needed his help to tuck in the covers and lift up the mattress. while he was here since he comes home late @times. I repeated myself,he gets really ticked off when I do this. Then I said "why do you think I get on the web, to be able to talk to s/one"
I really miss going to Church. It's been 6 yrs. I miss the discussions in S.S& R. S(our women's group) I found Modern Molly Mormon blog. It's nice to read some of the d/cussions and post comments. It makes my day when s/one replies to them. I also joined the Paper Crafters They have a good site for people who love papercrafts. I can post ?'s @ get an answer. I have found some new friends on these sites.
I got Katya's cigar box covered w/ 3 of pink,purple h/made paper. It got plenty of Modge Podge .It has Hello Kitty stickers,cut out little b/flies M.P. also I need help to get the box down off the shelf to get the rocks on it. I saved the negative piece of the c/board letters,needed it to spell rocks w the O @K negative shape on top of the lid.
I got Swat's Oriental card made. I used my stamped images I did the other night. I used the new card and envelope maker template and the bone tool to make her card. Lght grey cardstock w/pink sq,textured paper.

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Bumpkin Bears said...

Hi there, so sorry to hear you are losing weight. I hope they can help you feel better. It is great to see you are keeping busy with your crafts, keep up the good work :) Beary Hugs, Catherine

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